Mono + A Storm Of Light @ Fuzz, Athens

Mono (Japan) played live in Athens, on Friday 10/4 (@ Fuzz) and the supporting band was A Storm Of Light (U.S.A.), another project of Josh Graham (Neurosis, Red Sparowes etc.). A Storm Of Light played in a doom/post manner, long drawn power chords, full of energy, but still kind of repeating in the end. Nevertheless, it was a clean and solid performance.
Mono appeared on stage after a while, but only to setup their equipment, since the amplifiers and the whole drum set was different. That kept on for a few minutes, and it was a bit tiring in the end. Finally they came back to begin their set. They performed as expected - whis means exceptional - but as their supporters, their performance came to a point where it was repeating itself. And this has nothing to do with the quality of their music, but the high similarity of each track's structure. All in all, it was a good gig.

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