ThePlaceWithin Live @ Politeia Today (21/2/09) (w/ Flakes, B-Sides)

ThePlaceWithin, dear friends (actually it's more complicated than that) of Paint On Silence are playing along with Flakes and B-Sides @ Politeia, Patras, today, Saturday 21/2.

Cost: Free



65daysofstatic - Live in Athens (4/4/2009) & "Escape From New York"

65daysofstatic will be playing in Athens on April 4 (Gagarin205). A post-rock/experimental/lots-of-other-tags (for me making their own music) band from Sheffield, U.K. They've realeased three full albums so far and a double CD and DVD is coming up on April 20 by the name "Escame From New York".

A preview:

And here's the trailer from their upcoming album.

NYCTrailer1 from 65dayosfstatic on Vimeo.


The National - About Today

Probably the best song of the band. Dammit they didn't play it live when i saw them...


Cello Powder

A project by Nikos Veliotis to record the entire sonic range of a cello (this means all the playable notes of a cello, including quarter tones, laying between two 'quantized' notes such as C and C#) in drones, for an hour (each note separately), and then combine them all together in a unique audio file.

What's most intriguing is the performance that will be held in Glasgow on March 9. The cello , after the live performance of the project, "will be destroyed (turned into power)" as the info on Nikos Veliotis' website reads, and will be put into 100 jars (250ml each one). The jars will be sold along with the album.

The audio file and the unedited video file of the performance will be available for free download from the website.

Links : cello powder


One More Of You...

John Frusciante - One More Of Me

Now that the day has come

I see myself as everyone

I am whats all around me
No, nothing it just cannot be
Feeling has come from the sun

Like most everything and everyone

What seems lost is free from the force that slowly destroys us

And kills all matter off

Well, we dont control the chance that plays with us

And we get existence back by hurting others

And when we go the other way its ourselves we hurt

But who pushes on though eventually will see

Every moments first

Every moment is first

Whats gone will never come back

But it exists when you think of it

And what is anything, anyway

But a series of things running through your brain

All of the fucked things you do

Are the product of whats happened to you

Whatever you create from love
Is a gift from the place which some call above

Theres only the forces of hate and love

One breaks things down and one builds them up.