Paint On Silence + Figurant live @ KINKY KONG 28/3/2009

We are playing live with our friend Figurant (In Yesterday's Play)  @ KINKY KONG (Avramiotou 6-8, Monastiraki, Athens), on Saturday 28/3/2009.

Time : 9:00 PM
Cost  : 5 Euros




I just came back from a road trip which pretty much had this soundtrack in my mind...

Some photos...

I've also added a link to my flickr photostream on the sidebar.


Giannis Aggelakas & Nikos Veliotis live @ Lithografeion

Today, Wednesday 11/3/2009, Giannis Aggelakas & Nikos Veliotis live @ Lithografeion, Patras.

Maizonos & Trion Navarxwn
Fee: 15 Euro

Story Of Stuff

This is a project video (shown at SXSW), about the story of stuff. In other words, where do stuff come from and where do they end up. Although, it's a bit more than that, you have to see for yourself. Below you can see a teaser.



N.A.S.A. Video (feat. John Frusciante, RZA & Barbie Hatch)

This is a new N.A.S.A. video for the song "Way Down" featuring RZA (of Wu Tang Clan), Barbie Hatch and John Frusciante. The context is a N.A.S.A. music documentary and this song is one from a series a song used for the documentary, directed by Syd Garon (as the video below).

Edit: N.A.S.A. stands for North America South America, and it's a collaboration of two hip-hop producers.