The U.S. and the west are worried about democracy in Iran...Meanwhile, in Palestine:

International law considers Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land illegal, construction companies continue to cash in on unprecedented settlement expansion.


Gavin Castleton - 90 East & Dark Age Details

Dark Age album (2004) notes
"Since 1995 I've played in the band Gruvis Malt. We have recorded cassette EP's, two disc EP's, and four full length albums. At this time I giving all my hours to music production and composition, engineering other bands' projects on the side. My goal is to release as much music in as wide a pallet as possible before I die. Currently, I'm getting the most enjoyment out of collaborations and pickup projects, and short bursts of touring with the band One Drop. 
Playing American rock and roll has been the hardest and best thing I've ever done in my life. I sidestepped college and a solid paycheck in order to give my life to it. The emotional highs and lows of doing this are stressful, but I would rather be living those peaks and valleys than living a straight line."

from cdbaby.com